Thursday, September 7, 2017

What You Should Know Before Hiring An App Developer

A mobile app is no more a fad, but a necessity, which has interwoven in our daily necessity fabric, and witnessing the growing need for mobile apps, businesses across the globe are marking its presence and giving us many more reasons to fall in love with the mobile apps, but this ever growing need is also creating a stress around the neck of mobile app development field, and the options to get better than before mobile apps are increasing as a consequence. The marketing environment for these mobile app development companies leaves no stone unturned, for the clients to get confused and get bewildered enough to pick the wrong mobile app developer for their dream concept.

Since the business owners are generally from the non-tech background, which adds fuel to the fire, and they just seem lost and completely going with the flow rather than knowing the actual reason behind any particular technology pick, many blogs and articles have grabbed the decent space on the internet, which clearly shares the idea for what you need to avoid in the mobile app development process, but I am going to address a something very different topic, which may help you get the information, which you may have always yearned for, that what you should know before hiring a developer. So here we start …

Understand The App Platform Requirement

This is the utmost aspect you need to learn at the initial stage and that is the app platform. Many app developers boast that they can develop for any device and operating system, but don't trust them since it is nothing but a hoax call, which would serve no purpose. The naïve clan of app developers gives you the numerous options, starting from hybrid, cross-platform, react native etc. etc. , but you need to be very précised with your approach and you need to understand your business requirement and targeted users, accordingly you have to choose the right mobile app platform for your mobile app, the best suggested is Native, since it offers lots of design options, optimal utilization of hardware and operating system, wonderful App Performance Speed, gives more control on the size, resolution and even orientation on every device, increases the odds of fixing the nastiest of bugs, since Native apps are natural extensions of the platform that smell, look and feel like the default apps, so getting a mobile app in Native would help you in numerous ways.

Does Your Developer Understand Your Project

A mobile app is an easy journey, only if it is initiated with the right mobile app developers, who understand your project and its requirements. It is not an easier task, but requires a huge deal of efforts, since it is not always possible that your development team understands what are you portraying and what you try to keep in your mobile app. The best practice to accomplish this is by getting a paraphrased version of your app concept's understanding from your proposed app developer, if you would find any sort of glitch in this, then you may get it rectified and give them the right direction. With this strategy, it gets clearer with your app developer and would get easier for them to add more creativity to it, and bring your exact thoughts to reality.

Ask For Their Work Exposure

You need to well-aware with the number and types of mobile apps, your proposed app developer has developed so far, and it is not wrong to ask for their work exposure and the work experience because it would help you to know that whether their said skills and experience, compliment their words as well. You may find a large group of self-proclaimed best app development companies in the market, who boast of their work just to get the work, so you need to be highly inquisitive and curious to know more about their work and app portfolio, so you would end up hiring an actual top mobile app development company.

Check Their Reviews And Feedback

The saddest fact of the mobile app development industry is that not everyone is as loyal and true to their work, which usually they boast off, during the initial stage to get the work. Many unfortunate events suggest that some mobile app development company or freelance mobile app developer disappeared after the work was awarded to them, on the other hand, some are highly irresponsible that linger on the work, instead of getting the work delivered, they prefer to sleep on it, turn a deaf ear to the client's cries. I suggest you proceed with only a reliable mobile app development company in india, which has the decent client base and presence in the market. There are various ways to get to know about the company, like from the listing websites: Clutch, AppFutura and many more.

These factors, I have compiled from my experience and the discussion I indulged in recent times with some of the top mobile development companies in San Francisco, which influenced me to share my thoughts through this blog. Although, these points are not many, but indeed are worthy to help you learning number of important aspects you need to know before hiring a mobile app developer, but there are certain questions as well, which you need to ask before hiring a Top mobile app developer, and certainly am going to address those questions in my next blog.

So till next time I come with another sizzling topic, keep reading and keep yourself tech-updated…as always JJJ

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